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At California Cage, we are committed to the excellence of the products and the services that we offer. From beginning to end quality is our goal. Every aspect, from the material we use to packaging and customer service, is constantly analyzed and improved. The combination of these aspects guarantees the quality that our customers have come to rely on.

Quality Material and Parts

All California Cages are made with 100% US made industrial quality parts, which gives the cage a strong and durable structure.

• Class One U.S. made wire.
• MIG Welding to insure durability.
• Each piece inspected and quality verified various times.

Quality Design

• Solid frame and base insures sanitary and sturdy environment.
• Rounded corners and solid tubing means that few corrosive deposits can form.
• Spacing provided for cage grates and trays is no larger than that of bar spacing, preventing bird from dangerously escaping through these spaces.
• Horizontal tubing throughout cage expands surfaces on which bird can climb.
• N0-mess feeder doors are easy-to-use and keep your bird’s environment sanitary.
• Bird-proof latches are attractive and functionally superior.

Quality Finish

California Cages Company was one of the first companies to ever use powder coat to finish cages. This trend quickly caught on with other cage brands; nonetheless, our powder coat process is second to none. Our powder coating system is custom made and lab tested to meet our safety standards and quality requirements. Our system has three mayor steps to ensure a durable finish including the following:

1. Pretreatment System: Our 5 stage power washing system insures perfect conditions for paint adhesion and durability.

2. Application: Computer controlled to ensure precise results and consistent quality.

3. In House Laboratory: All California Cages are quality inspected during every process in order to ensure that the product you receive will be the highest quality.


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