Can a Flighted Budgie Live With a Clipped Wing Budgie?

Can a Flighted Budgie Live With a Clipped Wing Budgie?

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Hello. I enjoy your Sunday post very much. I have a question.

I’ve one bird fully flighted 6 months old. I’ve a second bird less than six months old with clipped wings. It seems the fully flighted bird bullys the clipped bird. I house them separately and give them free flight separately.

Do you think once the clipped bird can fly they will be friends? Thanks so much.

Dear Gloria

Do you say they are budgies? Then no problem, 99% of the time a budgie will choose to be with other birds, preferably another budgie, over anything else in its life.

If the other bird is not a budgie or is even a macaw, they won’t care, they will still want to be with it. It would just be a big budgie in their minds.

Keeping Birds and Parrots Flighted

In that situation, you must closely supervise, lest the bigger bird is annoyed by the budgie and bites it.

Sometimes a mixed couple of birds will bond and become buddies, but not always.

I recommend allowing them to spend time together now. Just watch them to make sure that one is not overly aggressive to the other. 

Sounds like they are close in age and that should be helpful.

Best of luck


They should be fast friends in no time.

Thank you so much for answering.  I love your posts as some questions I just don’t know who to ask, so thanks a million.

Yes, both are budgies. One clipped and one full-flighted. 

I will wait patiently for feathers to grow on clipped budgies and watch them closely in the meanwhile.  Thanks again.

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