Under What Circumstances Would My Bird Need Iodine?

Under What Circumstances Would My Bird Need Iodine?

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Gloria relates;


Thank you for your column as I read each Sunday.

My budgie recently had “laryngitis” is what the vet said.

After 2 rounds of vet meds and no improvement, I began my own research for answers of the cure. 

I found that most bird seed lacks iodine , and yes, my birds eat seeds plus fresh chop daily. 

With a lack of iodine in their diet they can develop a thyroid goiter. 

I got some liquid iodine, a couple drops in drinking water and the laryngitis was well on its way to being gone. 

I searched your blogs but maybe missed your article on views of iodine. 

I think this seed and iodine is a subject everyone should be aware of. Had I known I could have saved several hundred dollars on vet visits. Thanks for reading

Hi Gloria,

Contains 100 mg iodine (calcium iodate, free of water), thereby eliminating dosing issues



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