Can You Recommend a Shallow Parakeet Bowl ?

Can You Recommend a Shallow Parakeet Bowl ?

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Mary H. needs advice:

Can you recommend a shallow parakeet feeder bowl?

The one I have is 2 1/4 ” deep and the birds have to lean all the way in to eat.

Also, I can’t tell when the food is gone and just hulls left.

I tried an ‘auto feeder’ but the seed doesn’t feed down properly.

Thank you very much

Dear Mary


What kind of cage do you have now? Size? How many parakeets do you have?


We have options for some very nice feeders.


All our dishes are found here


The Tweeky Clean feeder is the bomb.


It can hook inside the cage (hooks on the back) or over an existing food dish door or breeder door (hooks on the front).


Tweeky clean mess-less feeders in our budgie’s aviary


The birds go inside to eat and the mess stays inside. We have three of these on our large budgie cage.


These Smart Crock dishes are very handy & clear.


Smart crock for smart pet bird care ~ video


We use the D cups ourselves and they lift in and out easily from the small hook-on piece that installs on the cage bars anywhere.

smart crock bird cage dish

First Prize Smart Crock Food Water Dish D Cup 5 Oz


Please take a look at these and get back to me. I will help the best I can.


Mary H. replied


Hi Catherine,


I think the Hook-On Food Water Treat Dish for Small Birds by Hagen Hari would be perfect.


Hook On Food Water Dish for Small Birds Medium 2 pc by Hagen Hari


I have three small parakeets. I have the Prevue Hendrix F047 Aviary cage 31″ x 21″ 53″ with 1/2-inch wire spacing.


Thanks, Mary


Dear Mary


That is a nice-sized cage.


It can use any dish you choose to install.


I think that one even has breeder doors, so the Tweeky Clean feeder would work very well installed over the breeder door.


Mary H replied


How deep is the bowl on the Tweeky Clean feeder?


Dear Mary


The trough area of the Tweeky Clean feeder is 1 1/2″ deep.


If filled to the brim of the through I find they don’t dig all the way down, but if you fill just an inch deep they manage to eat it all.


I have 7 keets in the large cage and use 3 feeders. I like to have 2 per bird.


So the three work out well, two can eat at the same time.





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