Can You Recommend New Bird Foods for My Amazon & African Grey?

Can You Recommend New Bird Foods for My Amazon & African Grey?

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I’m noticing that the Amazon is not wild about having much better food than the crap she used to get from Petco, and she’s normally all about mealtime.


(The African Grey was never as interested in meals as the Amazon). 


Considering what I’ve ordered from you in the past, is there anything you would recommend that I try for the next order?





Dear Eva


The foods you ordered last were all very good choices and yes you can try other foods.

However, all bird foods pretty much consist of the same things in different portions and blends.

Seeds, nuts, fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc. 


Some varieties have pellets which are usually where the bulk of the added vitamins and calcium are found.


One huge benefit over the food at Petco is you likely will not get any moths from the foods we offer.


All of the companies we offer are meticulous about such prevention and we don’t bring in as much stock ahead of time as Walmart, PetSmart, Petco, etc and it is always very fresh and tasty.


Not having sat on a pallet or shelves for upwards of a year or more.


What is it that you are looking for to happen?


No birds eat everything in their dishes. 


They were put on earth to be picky and replenish the earth with uneaten seeds.

It doesn’t matter that they are in your living room on top of your carpeting.


That your birds are healthy and fully feathered is proof that they are eating enough of what you give them to live.



Birds do not have to eat copious amounts of food in order to be healthy.


They graze all day and night so it is really difficult to know exactly what or how much they have eaten.


You can try to check the dropped bits, look at seed husks, and of course check their droppings often as that is where the first signs of trouble can be noticed in watery stools.


Overly white dropping without enough black or even black tarry droppings.


All indicators of the need to look into their diet to improve, or even take your bird(s) to the vet for a check-up.


How old is your Amazon?


Older birds don’t eat as much as younger birds. Over time you will notice that they will consume less than when they were rambunctious youngsters.


The foods you ordered.


Sunburst Parrot is a very good blend with everything in it. Seeds, nuts, fruits, veggies, Intune pellets, and treat items. It is our biggest seller.


Safflower Gold Parrot is a more basic mix with Safflower seeds as its primary large seed, no sunflower seeds. It is our second-biggest seller.


An interesting thing we have found regarding sunflower seeds and parrots.


Safflower seeds have about the same amount of fat as sunflower seeds, but sunflower seeds are sweeter and easier to open than safflower seeds so they are preferred.


Also, when a dish of seeds has sunflower seeds in the mix, a parrot often will rake out the other seeds, etc in the attempt to locate any sunflower seeds below. This causes more waste than if the mix has no sunflower seeds at all.


We use Higgins Safflower Gold Parrot for our birds to avoid this problem.


Nutriberries Vs Avi Cakes Both Great for
Your Birds and You Can Reduce Waste ~ Video


Now you have also ordered Lafeber Nutriberries and Avi-Cakes. Both of these foods are wonderful. They are often used as treats, but they are in fact a bird food that can be fed daily.


However, I have noticed that the Nutri-berries can get stale if not used up in a timely fashion.


The large tubs can contribute to that and we recommend using the small 10 oz bags to provide the freshest taste. If you find your birds not enjoying them like they were before, you can break them up so they reveal the good taste below the outside.


I hope this helps you make your food decisions. We are here when you need us.




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