Catskill Bird Club Meeting 8-11-22 Pet Bird Keepers and Lighting

Catskill Bird Club Meeting 8-11-22 Pet Bird Keepers and Lighting

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Corporate Mission Statement

“We took the birds out of the sky thus it’s our responsibility to provide the best care possible” ~ Catherine Tobsing

Why lighting as a topic?

I Want My Freakin Bird Back but She’s Held Hostage by Her Eggs – Windy City Parrot

Why Are Veterinarians Are Injecting This Poison Into Our Birds? – Windy City Parrot

Light Up Your Bird Cage with Florescent Budgies a Gift from NASA – Windy City Parrot

Gregory Harrison on LinkedIn

Hagen Avicultural Research Institute

Ontario Veterinary College

Lighting does not produce vitamin D nor aid in calcium production ~ How do you know if your bird is Vitamin D deficient if you haven’t had him/her tested?

Here’s how we know you haven’t tested your bird for vitamin D

Birds are much smarter than we give them credit for.

A Brief History of Parrots – Ornithology

Have We Found The First Parrot Breeders In North America?

The problem with light starts with geography

infographing why noth american light cycles stress birds out

Bird Lighting Category – Windy City Parrot

Paul C. Buff, Inc. | Inverse Square Law

What is f-stop on a camera? | F-stop photography

How to Use the Inverse Square Law in Photography

Your avian lightbulb does not have the reach you expect

zoomed bulb box illustration of the inverse square law of light

Natural light through windows is not helpful as the North American light cycle is a moving target – 72 hours of un-interupted light can help fix your bird

Lighting for an aviary

Three clamp on lights over budgie aviary

What 72 hours of constant light looks like from the human eye

2 covered bird cages with lights on under covers on top of cage

Permanent lighting for 2 bird cages ~ Video

How Can I Help My Budgie Stop Laying Eggs? – Windy City Parrot

Will Bright Full Spectrum Lighting Cause My Bird to Go Blind?

What Should I Do for a Hormonal Male Caique, 17 Years Old? – Windy City Parrot – Home | Facebook <- 260,000 humans who like birds as much as you

Airports Use LEDs for Bird Avoidance, What’s Over Your Cage? – Windy City Parrot

Wrap up

“The best pellet for your bird is the pellet your bird will eat” ~ Catherine Tobsing ~ Our thoughts on social selling


This test is written for rescues to help determine to knowledgebase level of a potential rescuer

Find Out How Much You Know About Keeping Birds and Parrots With This Exam – Even Earn a Certificate!

Bird clubs the world over

The Big List Of National & International Bird Clubs – Windy City Parrot ~ $49 Free Shipping – $7 Ships Small – Real Useable Rewards

Full Spectrum Economy Daylight Bulb with Clamp Light & Timer

Full Spectrum Economy Daylight Bulb with Clamp Light & Timer – $38

This just in – We were wrong all the time about color perception the whole time

Feather Plucking Form

Let us build your website – SuperEZSystems

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