How Can I Help My Budgie Stop Laying Eggs?
Budgerigar in cage

How Can I Help My Budgie Stop Laying Eggs?

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Kristy L. asks,


How can I help my budgie stop laying eggs?


We have allowed her to have two clutches and I can’t have any more babies.


Our vet wanted a depo shot which we did once with the vet’s advice and I don’t like what it did to her personality.


It’s been three months and now she has laid 2 eggs.


I am considering the 72 hrs of light but don’t want to leave her alone so was thinking she and her partner could be moved to a different area for three days.


I have a bird room where all my birds stay to be safe. I don’t want to have to do this with all my birds so will putting them in a different room be best.


Will it work to stop her egg-laying?


Will she just continue when moved back in the bird room?


Should I separate her from her bonded mate?


Please help me.


Dear Kristy

Sadly, you cannot have it both ways. You are not able to keep a female with a male and expect that she won’t lay eggs. 

You have to separate them completely. Now she may still be stimulated by his call and continue to lay.


So then you may need to find a new home for one or the other.


I recommend that you TRY the light treatment. 


Why Do Pet Bird Keepers Get The Lighting Thing Wrong?


You can do both of them together in the same cage and yes, his hormones may be dampened as well.


But it is only a matter of time before nature butts in and she is stimulated by him again and lays more eggs. I don’t know that the light treatment will work well in this situation.


You can separate them, treat her and keep her in a cage with females only for company.


I also recommend that you get her on a daily calcium supplement as well.


I am sorry for the bad news, but Mother Nature is ruling her as long as they are together.


The shots are not the answer.




Mitch Rezman

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