What Causes Small Moths in a Home With Pet Birds?

What Causes Small Moths in a Home With Pet Birds?

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Great question Ron,
So here’s the deal, birdseed is a natural product harvested from the ground outside. All bird seed contains bug eggs. They could be weevils, grain moths, and so forth. These eggs are present in all birdseed. If the bird food is not stored in a cool environment or it is not used in a timely fashion the eggs become larva and the larva become in your case, moths. 
If you keep your seed in a dry storage area it’s best to keep the food in a clear Tupperware type container so you can see any activity before you open the container daily. Also, it’s best to not buy more food than you can use in two to three months because that’s when insect infestation can become a problem. In the meantime, if it sounds like you are a candidate for our moth traps which are very effective you can find them here.

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Caveat: a while back we were closing up the shop. Catherine had been moving around inventory for its best presentation. She somehow had gotten a hold of a compromised box of moth traps.
Her fingers rubbed up against the bait in one of the traps and we then left. We know this because shortly thereafter we had stopped for a bite to eat and no sooner did we get seated (the establishment will remain nameless) when a Disney-esque flock (What do you call a bunch of moths?) of moths started fluttering around her. 
She looked about and said “now we know why these things (moth traps) really work” as she stood up saying “I’ll wash my hands first” while a gaggle (?) Of moths happily followed her apparently all hoping to get lucky.
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