Should I Change My Conure’s Nekton S bird vitamins?

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I’d like to order Nekton supplement for birds. I currently use Nekton-S (green band) for my conure mixed in daily water supply.

Do you recommend the Nekton-S or the Hagen Prime for Conures. Should I continue with Nekton or switch?

Let me know if you have Nekton – or if you have something better. I mix the dry powder in the birds water. Thanks. Thanks for all the help on the phone, too.


If you are already using Nekton products it is best to use the vitamins made by the same company.I feel, don’t fix what works – that said

Hagen PRIME and Lafeber vitamins, are both very popular.
If you are feeding pellets only, you should not add vitamins.
Otherwise, the choice is yours Nekton, Hagen & Lafeber are all very good.


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