Is a Cockatoo Right for My Family with Young Children?
A cute Asian girl petting a white cockatoo bird on its head. Happy and smiling.

Is a Cockatoo Right for My Family with Young Children?

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From Matthew Barrier a LinkedIn connection

yo Mitch whats a good bird for a family with little children. ive heard of stories of cockatoos i think umbrellas crawling up into bed with little children and snuggling… 

anyways would love to hear your thoughts… 2 yr old and 13 yr old

Hi Matthew – Cockatoos can be the best of pet birds, affectionate, smart and playful. That said they can be VERY loud and cockatoos are highly destructive which is why the majority of caged bird keepers fail. Read this thread for a list of household items destroyed by a a pair of TOO’s

They can easily pierce the skin and break bones.



The best bird to start with is a single parakeet. – they’re smart and make great talkers. They can also be trained to a high-level skillset as shown by Norm Barrett.

They are small birds with small brains. if you can handle the noise and mess of a Budgie multiply that by 100 when thinking about a cockatoo.



Mitch Rezman

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