How to determine the sex of a Love Bird

How to determine the sex of a Love Bird

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Love Birds are prolific shredders The females will pack their rump feathers with the shredded paper Males will make confetti

This helps them carry more nesting material back to the nest. In Love Birds, three of the nine species are dimorphic. A species is dimorphic if the cock is visibly different in color from the hen.

The following three love bird species, Madagascar Love Bird, Red-faced Love Bird, and Abyssinian Love Bird, fall into this category.

The other six species, Fischer’s Love Bird, Nyasa Love Bird, Black-cheeked Love Bird, Masked Love Bird, Peachfaced Love Bird, Black-collared Love Bird are monomorphic – in other words males and females are identical

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So how do you sex a monomorphic Love Bird? Introduce a piece of newspaper to a Love Bird six months or older – A young Love Bird will have a black stripe over the beak that usually disappears from six months to one year of age.

A male Love Bird will make confetti, a female will make strips of paper. That’s it. Got a Love Bird? 

Want more info on Love Birds? Visit the African Love Bird Society website

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