Why Did I Wait So Long to Add Light to My Bird’s Environment?

Why Did I Wait So Long to Add Light to My Bird’s Environment?

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Michael M. shares information about Kula’s new lighting,


Hey guys,

Well, it only took a decade or so but my latest move to the Olympic Peninsula and 4 or 5 day stretches of dismal grayness made me seriously consider the daylight bulbs you’ve been telling me about.


So I ordered a couple and installed 1 kinda at the end of her main perch.


She is out all day in an amalgamation of hanging toys, puzzles, branches, food, water in front of a big picture window.


Still, on grey days it’s dim.

So take a guess where she’s hanging out? Right under the bulb! And on a sunny day!! Which takes her away from the other end of the perch where she can observe everything going on in the kitchen, dining room, and most of the front room. Seriously, Kula used to spend almost all day on the last foot of that perch.


Pretty cool. Thanx man.


Dear Michael

That is great! This only goes to prove that our tropical birds don’t get enough quality lighting in our homes. A bird that is used to darker areas may be startled at first by the light, but usually end up loving it.


Consider adding some fixtures above her play areas with bulbs so she uses them too.


dual full spectrum lighting over cockatiel cage


Our cockatiels (Barney) play top birdcage dual lighting on a timer


Thank you for the feedback.


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