Are You Concerned With the Feather Mess or Your Bird’s Life?

Are You Concerned With the Feather Mess or Your Bird’s Life?

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It’s difficult to be objective and maintain clarity with those that you care for including your pets.


One of the first things a new pet bird keeper realizes early on is that




Editors note: Update. Keto (African Ringneck feature image above) is over 20 years old and every year that he goes through his molt it seems to be harder on him. He gets a good diet daily that also includes vitamin-enhanced veggies and fruit. During his annual heavy molt he is weaker and tuckers out so he gets a lift on a perch as needed so he doesn’t have to work so hard. Catherine Endnote


Their proclivity to create a mess at epic proportions is no freak of nature but a carefully synchronized plan for the planet ~ maybe you’ve heard about “the birds and the bees”?


and that’s just starting with food and poop


And although you resign yourself to making cage cleanup part of your daily routine, one morning you come down to what amounts to a good part of your FIDs anatomy (its integumentary system) on the floor so thick, you can’t see the seed hulls.


if you don’t like to vacuum, don’t get a bird.


We also get a lot of questions about prolific egglaying birds that we talk about in this post.


I Want My Freakin Bird Back but She’s Held Hostage by Her Eggs


Catherine will share with you a recent response to a reader’s molting bird questions



Dear Gina


I received your voice mail and before I call I am sending you some links to products that might suit your needs.


Natra Bath Spray 


If your bird is molting and you are trying to help it rebuild new feathers that are nicer this item.


Nekton Bio Protein for Parrot Feather Growth

is very good, it is sprinkled on its food.


If your bird is also plucking his feathers this product works well.


Natra Pet Bird Bath Spray Plumage and Skin Conditioner


with the above products.


Please share your results.


The overshadowing issue is when a hen shifts into “broody” mode up to and including prolific egg production circling back to the subject of calories and molting:


Feather growth requires calories derived from protein (derived from aminos) just like eggs (even nonfertile) require calories derived from protein


Commercial bird food, vitamin supplements, and healthy treats are all good ways to keep your bird’s strength up during this stressful time.


Catherine Tobsing
Windy City Parrot 

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