Do Feather Picking Parrots Ever Get Their Feathers Back?

Do Feather Picking Parrots Ever Get Their Feathers Back?

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Robert B. writes,

I just want to know do any parrots that are picking their feathers ever get their feathers back?  Our African Gray is a picker we have tried everything, now she does wear a poncho at night.

I just want to know do they ever just Stop???

Dear Robert

Sorry to hear about your picking parrot. Sometimes if the picking has gone on for a short period of time, if the situation that caused the picking to start with has changed, the birds might regrow their feathers.


But if they have been picking for an extended period of time, they may damage the follicles enough so they will never grow back.


For many years we offered products and supplements for plucking but they basically were birdie sedatives.


Read more about plucking birds and solutions here


They helped but they did not solve the problems that caused the plucking to start with.


Over the years we have learned about how the lighting in our homes affects our parrots hormonally and find correcting this can help with plucking issues.



Do you have supplemental lighting over your bird’s cage?


Is there much soy in her diet (a potential plucking trigger)?


Does she eat citrus (a potential plucking trigger)?


Has she been to a vet to rule out physical issues?


Does she get bathed on a regular basis (reduces dry skin)?



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