Macaw parrot training with 3 small cowbellsbells

Do You Offer Bird Training? We’re Considering Adopting an Older Bird From a Shelter.

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Dear Alyssa,


Unfortunately, birds are not like dogs and training is not something you can pass off onto a service to do.


You will have to do it within your family and household.


Dogs like to be told what they should do and not do as they live to serve their owners.


Birds are amoral and their thought processes are completely different.


You have to build a bird’s trust before they will have an interest in changing their behavior in any way.


All interactions must be positive as negative reactions will not fix anything.


Start with this video and keep us apprised of your progress.


Building trust with your bird ~ Video


Plan to be the ones who will work to rebuild trust in the bird that will be joining your family.


We wish you the best.


Kindest regards,



Bonus Sunday ~ Full-length Movie With Only Birds As Actors!

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  1. HI guys…dr. cook’s video was great wondering IF she has OTHER videos posted somewhere and if so where do i find them
    thanks.. Mike Tulper in CA

    1. Unfortunately, Mike, that’s the only video. I made a copy before it was removed from YT

      Good news – here are more clicker training videos that will benefit both of you


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