Does Daylight Savings Time Affect My Birds With Cage Lighting?

Does Daylight Savings Time Affect My Birds With Cage Lighting?

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Hello, my friends! I mark the weeks by your newsletters!

I reread the article on light and the Birdies.

I was doing great with the 12/12 split.

Now that the clocks rolled back and our days are shorter, my girls seem to be assuming the sleep positions 1 to 2 hours before normal.

Will I mess up their internal clocks or harm them if they get 14 hours of darkness and 10 hours of light?

Thanks for making yourselves accessible! I love the facts and the ideas for keeping my Birdies challenged and content!


Hi Barbara – We do not respect daylight savings time with our birdcage lighting timers.

Snacktime moves to 7:00 from 8:00 and lights out is now 7:30 instead of 8:30 – avoids confusion

Especially when we have this going on

I sleep with an eye mask because 10 -100 watt bulbs come on at 7:30 every morning

Love the PVC toy


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  1. Hi Mitch, I enjoy the Birdie Brunch. I have a question about lighting. I got my African Grey all set up with lighting over her dome top cage. But my Amazon and my Meyers have play top cages and I’m not sure how to do the lighting for these cages. Both of the birds love to play on the top of their cages and I use they trays that comes with them because they like to shred paper and play with foot toys, etc. Is there some way to do a lighting set up from the side that won’t blind them? I even thought about trying to find a piece of acrylic to swap out the cage tray, but I don’t know how it would affect the full spectrum lighting. Also it’s hard to find a clear tray! Appreciate any feedback, thanks.

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