Does Your Bird Mango?

Does Your Bird Mango?

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Mango Pet in Smithfield Rhode Island USA is one of our favorite vendors. Eric Christopher, Mango’s president is a talented engineer who knows about making avian specialty products for people who own pet birds. 

What makes Mango unique is the categories a bird supplies that they offer. The play stands start at the simple tabletop model and ramp-up to elaborate foraging stations. Eric’s background is a chemical engineer has proved fruitful in the design and marketing of products that address the environmental sanitation of birds as well as the sanitation of birds themselves.

 Catherine tells me one of the things that turn her on about me is that I am I doing housework. A war that I am always fighting at home and in the shop is the war on dust. I have an arsenal of feather dusters but it’s always a challenge to get the dust off the feathers. Much like my feather duster your bird’s 10,000 or so feathers are picking up everything from lipstick (from kisses), newsprint ink, and oils and God knows what else?
Mango offers two solutions to the problem, a low sudsing not very thick shampoo in three varieties. Its easy rinse shampoo is a pH-balanced blend of mild natural soaps and vitamin conditioners. Easy flip-top for grooming convenience. Great for shower lovers.
Sometimes immersing your bird is impractical especially in the winter when you’re concerned about drafts. Mangoes spray bath in three varieties has no additional skin-clogging oil derivatives like other sprays they call preening oils. Birds have enough preening oils of their own. Our formulas are a light blend of the naturally occurring essential fatty acids of Vitamin A, D & E then blended with aloe vera, sweet natural anise, and naturals. All meant to compliment your bird’s bathing needs. The final product is a soothing moisturizing conditioner that soothes skin, washes away dead skin cells, and reduces the itches. This formula adds vitamins to your pet well being while encouraging your bird’s natural preening without clogging skin cells.
 Keeping your bird’s cage and surrounding area both clean and disinfected it is one of your biggest challenges. Many people turn to common household bleach which is a good disinfectant but not very good for your bird to inhale even in small quantities. Mango Pet Focus avian birdcage cleaner is available in both ready to use for bottles in the very economical 32-ounce concentrate. If there’s one message would like to get across to you is that Mango Pet Focus is Effective against over 50 pathogens including viruses, fungi, and bacteria. One quart of concentrate formula makes 32 gallons of the solution – it’s Cheaper and safer than bleach!
It’s no surprise to anyone who’s had a bird for even more than a few days, birds are messy. The mess comes from feathers and shredded, well everything like newspaper and toy parts but it’s the food that really attracts bugs. Because of the high metabolism of these animals, it seems like they’re never not eating or at least spewing berry juice on the walls because they know that your day has not been going well.
Control Natural Aviary and Cage Bug Spray is the all-natural way to control pests in any aviary. It contains a natural botanical extract, Pyrethrum, an extract of the Chrysanthemum flower, in a micro-emulsion water-based spray, for the control and elimination of all sorts of unwanted varmints.
Naturally Non-Toxic Natural Mite and Lice Repellent – in an 8 oz spray bottle soothes skin from mite and lice Irritation. Penetrates feathers and plumage. Helps with feather loss due to infestation. Dyna-Mite is the”aahh…I feel good” mite and lice spray. This soothing formula is a natural, non-toxic, non-irritating hypoallergenic blend of aloe, organic oils, diatomaceous earth and only nontoxic organics. It kills mites and lice by physical action and not by chemicals, so no harm can come to birds or humans. Dyna-Miteencourages natural preening soothes feathers and skin, helps with itching, feather chewing, and feather loss due to mite and lice infestations and all irritations. 
Mango’s line bird of play stands is extraordinarily unique. They offer both tabletop models, floor models, and even convertibles. With the rich colors and perch sizing tailored to foot size these will be high on your birds Santas wish list. 
Last week we talked about clicker training. Mango is where we get our clickers, and clicker training guides and whether you’re an NBA fan or not should really check out our three sizes of basketball hoops that could even entertain you more than your bird.

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