Two New Birds
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Two New Birds

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Kriselle and I had chatted on the phone a month ago.

She shared her plans to bring two baby birds into her home.

She was taking a year off from work and felt it would give her the opportunity to make the right home for the birds.

I’ll make a note here that I recommend she start leaving the house about 3 months before returning to work starting with shorter periods but ramping up to full 8 – 10 hour days to help the birds adjust to a “prolonged absence” 

HI Mitch; I am hoping I am making the right choices in terms of the two species; CRIMSON BELLIED CONURE.. and AFRICAN GREY CONGO Parrot.  BOTH are babies so they will grow up together.. although I don’t expect them to ever be housed together in the same bird cage.

I understand that conures can get along with other species of parrots.

I would like them to eventually be able to play on the bird play stands together and to have their main bird cages in the same room together.

I’d say you have a 50/50 chance of the birds engaging each other on a regular basis.

I’ve seen “stranger combinations (Two Lesser Sulfur Crested cockatoo and a Timneh Grey parrot).

The birds come from different continents.

The Conure will probably be chatty like many Conures which has the potential to annoy the Grey.

Only time will tell I will need: Correct size bird cages with correct spacing between bars for both birds.

Ideally, they will need to be on stands with castors or castors are simply part of the cage design.

I would like to know your choices – Room is not an issue.

the half dome top bird cage you originally suggested for the grey sounded and looked great.

I wonder if greys really stay on the play tops of their cages? It depends on how bored or inquisitive they get – especially when you leave the room you’re both in I will need water bottles (Lixit brand), dishes to go with the cages, toys that are safe, bird food (pellets) Roudybush and Higgins etc, whatever would be appropriate.

If you would recommend washable sleeping huts for one or both birds.

A fairly large multi-rope type bird toy hanger that is up high which they can climb on and dangle from during the day.

Will they be able to hang out together do you think?

Hang out? probably – best “buds” only time will tell.

You also don’t know what sex you’re getting – – two males coming into sexual maturity at the same time could prove to be eventful Parrot Play stands (which would you recommend Java Trees or Bottlebrush stands? or one of each??

I could place them in different rooms. Recommendation for Perches of various kinds for both parrot cages I need correct sizes for each bird, a combination of wood perch and cement perch (for nails); the right types of wood for each species and HOW MANY for each cage and placement in a cage?

This blog post will provide insights into my thinking:

Covers for cages?

Conure With Sore Foot – Help!

Many parrots come from areas close to the equator and receive twelve hours of both night and day.

Some parrots are a little more nocturnal than others, An African gray needs ten hours of sleep, and a Cockatoo requires twelve. Courtesy – Michelle Karras – The Polite Parrot

If I wanted to have smaller sleep cages that could double as car carrier cages.. what would you recommend?

I may place the sleep cages in my bedroom at least initially since they are both babies.

A blog post dealing with birds in the bedroom:

Lastly, I have an eight-year-old 18 lb male cat.. he has never had birds in his home..he sleeps often at the foot of my bed as does my dog in his bed on the floor; would you recommend that i keep the birds near me and let them all sleep in the same room with me or should the birds have a private room with the door closed away from cat at night?

Keep the cat away from the birds – your cat is old and wise – your bird’s will be young and dumb.

It’s very difficult to react fast enough physically should one animal attack another. Have a million questions, but for now, this is a start.


Thank you so much for your expert help and advice. I look forward to doing business with you online..any other suggestions for what I might need to get started that I am unaware of and neglected to request. If this takes a few days that is fine. Also. if you can give me the exact items you are recommending,  I can look them up on your website..unless you can attach and insert the items in your email..then I can visualize them. I am entering a brand new world. Thanks for your help.

Aside from the bedroom, will the birds be able to see you from the room their cages are in or do have other “social areas” in the home where the birds need to come ie study, kitchen etc?


No, they won’t be able to see us from the room their bird cages are in.

Yes, birds would need to come into the kitchen, screen porch, and bedroom.. the living room isn’t that much of a hub for activity..still unsure as to where I will station their main cage. one has to pass by the LR from kitchen to get to bedrooms

Maybe the bird cages can go in the living room..then I transfer the birds to sleep cages in the bedroom and have play stations on the porch or in the kitchen..or bedroom?

are,they easily movable? Birds are flock animals – you’re their flock – they want to be with you.

Placing them on furniture even briefly can result in (unintended) instant destruction.

That’s where the stands (on casters) come in – rolling cages around is generally impractical. We had 18 bird cages play stands and bird travel carriers to support one Indian Ringneck Parrot – he traveled with us 24/7 including work and a summer place. We live in a long apartment in the city. Sunshine had a bird cage or play stand in every room we spent time in plus his “main” cage that he slept in. This information is helpful – I think I have what I need – talk soon

I’ve created a “Saved Cart” for you simply log into your account on Windy City Parrot and click on “Continue Shopping” next to where your see the “Saved Cart” Image of the Saved Cart List of all bird supplies needed to bring two new baby parrots into your home including bird cages, bird toys, bird food List of all bird supplies needed to bring two new baby parrots into your home including bird cages, bird toys, bird food List of all bird supplies needed to bring two new baby parrots into your home including bird cages, bird toys, bird food page 3

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