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DoorSkirts Plus Giveaway Winners – 3/19/13 – 4/5/13 

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Scott O. Mackay
Sherry Ellard
Mary Allison Thomas
Kimberly Paige Lemaster Webb
Willagaye Dachshunds
Ginny Palumbo
Angela Gray
Debi Schwartz Karal ann Deborah Franzen
Charlene Mahoney-Kaszula Bridget Murphy

The door skirt came yesterday and I IMMEDIATELY put it on! Simple to put on and works like a charm! I love it! No newspaper on the floor. And a clean floor! Yay! I am going to order another one later this week. I have to measure the cage door of Lemon, my lutino Indian Ringneck I am picking up on Saturday. What a joy to know I won’t have TWO sets of newspaper to be dragged around! What a great idea you had with these! Karla Ann DeithornMonroe, VA 

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