Good No Sunflower Bird Food Mix for Birds

Good No Sunflower Bird Food Mix for Birds

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Good Morning Catherine,

Debra here with a concern as to my past orders. I noticed that you did not advertise my African Grey’s Bulk Food (20lb) in the Volkman Avian Science Parrot Food -“No Sunflower Seeds”.

Are you still selling this item as you know my parrot has become quite the fan of the Volkman No Sunflower Seed brand.

At your earliest convenience, please get back to me with a response. I know the seed was being shipped from another destination.

Thank you.


We love this food too but Volkman is having a production problem and has not supplied any of my distributors with this product lately and all of us are flat out in any size package.

It is scheduled to be in stock with suppliers and hopefully us within 2 weeks.

We have this item turned off so we do not oversell.

Meanwhile Higgins Safflower Gold Large is a good NO Sunflower mix that can fill in at this time.

If you would like us to let you know when the Volkman Hookbill is available again, let me know and we will contact you.

Thank you for asking.



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