Help My Bird’s Scared of Her New Cozy Corner Snuggly Sleeper

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Prevue Fleece Bird Cage Sleeper Cozy Corner Large Name: Marilyn M

Location: Austin

Review: The item was of good quality and I received it quickly but my Orange winged Amazon, so far, will have nothing to do with it. I’m moving it closer to her cage each day and holding the Cozy Corner so she can see it’s not the enemy but if I put it in her cage she has a fit.

Rating: 5

Dear Marilyn

Change isn’t bad, but like having a small child it’s important that your bird understand that this new scary object can improve it’s quality of life.

A lot of birds take awhile to get used to Cozy Corner’s or bird sleeping huts in general if they have not used them before. One thing to try is to use it yourself in front of her, rub it on your face, neck, cooing and making happy sounds, don’t just lay it there like a dead canary.
After playing with it, put it on your favorite chair where she can see it, If you are not afraid, she may soon not be afraid either.
Some birds will allow it in their bird cage but spend time trying to untie it, that is still interaction that may lead to to, gee, this is nice and soft and warm.

If you are concerned about the birds warmth, have you considered the thermo perches. They are wonderful. My own bird had one in 3 different cages, I never had to worry about his warmth, and he even used it in the summer.


Thank you so much Catherine for this great input. I’m not worried at all about warmth I just wanted her to have a friend to cuddle with. She’s 21 and for the first time started feather picking.

I changed her over from her regular Harrisons bird food to their advanced formula and the feather picking has stopped.

She’s in there singing right now but staying on the far side of her cage from her “Buddy” I had been petting the Birdy Buddy and talking to it to show her there was nothing to fear but I think she’s not quite sure what to think about it.

Find a Prevue Fleece Bird Cage Sleeper Cozy Corner Large – here

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