How Do I Control My Conure’s Hormonal Behavior?

How Do I Control My Conure’s Hormonal Behavior?

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Karin R Writes:

My approximately 20 yr old conure (we think male, though not verified) has been exhibiting hormonal behaviors for weeks.

The worst thing is the frequent regurgitation.

My vet suggested that it is possible that a change in routine due to the pandemic is causing this.

I am certainly home more, but pre-pandemic I was gone for a couple of hours a day and did not have the same schedule every day.

I still leave for an hour or two most days, so it is not a big change.

Previously these behaviors lasted for a week or so, this time it has been going on for 6 weeks or more.

He is also shredding the cage liner and waking up very early in the morning (new behaviors).

Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks for your time


Dear Karin

Yes, we also feel that our increased contact with our birds is increasing their hormone levels and they are getting more dependant on us for attention, etc.


Are you stroking your bird from the neck down? if so, you should stop and keep your hands on its head only. This will help stop the bonding and regurgitation. Remove any objects he is trying to feed, bells, shiny things and replace with other toys, etc.


Is the Corona Virus Making Your Bird Hormonal?


That your bird is 20 years old and an assumed male, doesn’t mean it is when an egg is laid. But at 20, it isn’t likely.



Males do shred paper and get broody if given the option. My Mother-In-Laws male ‘tiel would take over the wastepaper basket and sit at the bottom and shred the mail. Heaven help you if you reached in.


How Many Conure Species Are There? You’d Be Amazed.


How is your birdcage lighting? Hormones are also increased by the dim lighting that is the norm in most households. You cannot rely on windows at all.


Set a full spectrum/Daylight bulb directly over the birdcage (6 to 12″ inches away at most is best) on a timer so it goes on at 8:30 am and off at 8:30 pm at night.


This will help regulate the circadian rhythm that rules when to molt, breed, etc.


Full Spectrum Economy Daylight Bulb with Clamp Light & Timer Read more:


This Economy bulb is great with Simple Manual Timer


This section has all our Lighting items, from simple clamp-on lamps and more.


Please also read some of our posts on lighting


Once you set up a bulb over the cage, let us know how it improves things over the next 30 days.


I hope this helps.


Kindest regards,


Mitch Rezman

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