How Do I Find a Big Enough Carrier Anywhere for My Macaw?

How Do I Find a Big Enough Carrier Anywhere for My Macaw?

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Christie W. writes

My beloved Macaw is 44 inches long including a 26-inch long tail.

I’ve searched on Amazon and everywhere for 3 years but no carrier will accommodate him and I will NOT allow his tail to be bent in a smaller one (the largest Wingabago made is still too short for him).

I used to have a source, a gentleman out of business or who died, who custom-made bird carriers.


They were unbreakable Lexan (what is used in making prison windows) versus breakable acrylic.


I had a huge airline hard dog crate with a metal bar front and 2 handles on top. I had a handyman install a manzanita perch at the perfect height.


Unfortunately, careless movers broke the carrier when I moved residences.


What sources do you know of who could make a Lexan carrier for me?


I don’t want one of those absurdly expensive $280 backpack carriers, I forgot the brand name of, which have a mesh front closure as my Bird could chew through that in seconds plus I need a carrier, not a backpack, for the car when I take him to the vet or on an outing. 

Cockatoo inside chewed up birdbird


Dear Christie

When there are no available carriers large enough for a large long-tailed macaw you will need to look at dog carriers.


There are many made in metal or plastic with metal doors.


You can add hook-on or bolt-on food and water dishes as needed.


Drilling a hole through the wall of a plastic carrier will allow you to install a bolt-on frame for a coop up.


Times like this are when you become creative as a large parrot owner.






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  1. To find someone who works with Lexan is your first step in replacing your damaged carrier. Check with Lexan supplirs as well as any local Cillege ar even High School Art teachers. Your old carrier should be shown as a pattern. I have used modified dog carriers for transport of macaws to and from movie locations for years, They are not truly secure, but as long as my birds are entertained the do not chew the side vents.

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