How Do I Find Hardwood Perches For My 2 Cockatoos?

How Do I Find Hardwood Perches For My 2 Cockatoos?

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Green Witch asks

Hi Mitch

I’ve been enjoying your emails for some time now.


I have an umbrella and a citron cockatoo.

We’ve been searching for two manzanita branches and just haven’t found the perfect ones yet.

Would you be able to direct me in the right direction to find a good and safe branch for them?


We’d be very grateful if you could. 


Thank you



Catherine replied


Dear Jacque 

We don’t handle the large manzanita perches at this time.

Being in the midwest when manzanita grows out west doesn’t always give us the best selection.


I can recommend the coffee wood Y branches from Prevue Pet.

We generally carry them in Small, Medium and Large on the website but Extra Large ones are available by special order only.


Due to their random shapes, we cannot pick and choose, but they are usually very nice, hard, and come in a wide range of shapes.


They are about as strong as manzanita, they have no skin that will peel off and they are naturally insect repellant.


For the Extra Large sizes due to their widely different shapes and sizes, we have a harder time offering them online as the shapes alone make for huge boxes and thus they cost much more to ship.


Although good perches cost what they must.


I recently had a couple 48″ long double-ended coffee perches shipped from a manufacturer to a customer for a large macaw cage and it was about $80.



We can get you some nice single-end bolt on Extra Large coffee wood perches for $39.00 each.


Coffee Tree Perch Natural Y by Prevue 18″ Large

Coffee Tree Perch Natural Straight by Prevue 18" Large Read more: Follow us: @windycityparrot on Twitter

No, I can’t pick out specific perches.


Please give me a call and I will help you with an order.


Thank you

Catherine Tobsing

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