How Do I Get My Bird to Accept a New Playstand?

How Do I Get My Bird to Accept a New Playstand?

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Cynthia L. needs a bird feeding dish for her new bird’s stand:

The bird stand that I have came with stainless steel, 8 oz. bowls, my Grey loves to grab them and flip everything on the floor.

I need a heavy bowl that will fit.

Next, tell me how I get her to accept the nice new stand.

I have it in the same room, now 4 ft away from her cage.

If I have her on my hand and we walk anywhere near it, she will fly away.

Dear Cynthia

That is a common complaint.

One buys a nice new bird stand and the bird says


Birds like familiar things and if they can fly from something strange they often will.



Some birds want to check out everything, others not so much.


If your bird was clipped, it could not fly off the stand when you put him there and would likely have to take a moment to check it out or jump off onto the floor.


But that can be drastic of course.


You can move the stand right next to its cage which over time will make it become just another piece of furniture and not so scary.


I have had luck by leaning into the stand while the bird is shoulder riding thus causing the bird to step onto the closest perch.


Other options can be to drape the stand with everything that your bird currently loves.


DIY Bird playstand with fleece rope leather plastic chain and more

Mitch was bored one afternoon and made this “Frankenstein” play stand that Chili adopted.


Its toys, bells, etc. You can also tie some treats to the stand like millet sprays, cups of nuts, and yummies.

Or try giving the bird its favorite treat and while it is in its beak and occupied, set him on the stand. His munching might be more important at the moment and thus its fear is lessened.

Give it time.

Now, the question you had on the bowls.

What is the manufacturer of the stand?


If a Prevue stand, they use a steel cup, but they have a ceramic dish that fits the rings perfectly.


Otherwise, you may have some luck using a clip to hold them in place.


2 scissor clips on black background d


Scissor Clips Nickel Plated for Parrot Cages & Toys 2 pc


We have had luck with these placed over the edge of the dish and the rings.


Best of luck,


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