How Do I Cope with a 1 Eye 1 Wing and Diabetic Red-lored Amazons?

How Do I Cope with a 1 Eye 1 Wing and Diabetic Red-lored Amazons?

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I have a red lored Amazon who can’t fly as she was caught in Mexico as a baby and they broke one of her wings in the shoulder area. 

A truly horrible thing for people to do to them to keep them safe?

In addition, she is blind in her right eye.

That bird means so much to me as I know she needs me more than I need her.

Last fall I adopted a male from a rescue who was so abused he is absolutely terrified of people. He has diabetes and again like Sam my female, I solely treasure his existence. 

Many people I meet and I have taught have learned that parrots are probably more tuned into us than dogs or cats.

They actually react to and want to be so like us. Again thank y’all so much for your wonderful sharing, guidance, and understanding of our truly God-given feathered babies. Dave R, OKC, OK

Looks like you have your hands full Dave – very nice job!

Believe it or not, we have a customer who rescued a Scarlet Macaw in Hawaii that had been shot I have pictures of the x-ray somewhere on the site.

I Need Help With a Red-Lored Amazon I Rescued in Panama 

Her veterinarian was forced to amputate the wing on the gunshot side.

That said because you’re dealing with a bird having a broken wing and the loss of distance perspective because of one blind eye from a bird’s point of view maintaining balance and stability is of the utmost importance.

I would have very few cylindrical wooden perches in her cage and let lots of rope perches and flat perches especially – providing more stability for her feet.

Regarding the adopted male your best friend here is clicker training.

Birds react very well to this and it gives them a higher expectation of things to do.

Best of luck 


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