What is a Suitable Perch for a Disabled Parakeet?

Vee B. is seeking a disabled parakeet perch.

Hi, I’ve rescued a disabled parakeet named Henry.

He was malnourished when he was young and the vet believes that’s why over time he has lost the ability to clutch anything with his feet.

In addition, the prior owner had his wings clipped incorrectly so he can’t fly either.

Consequently, he spends all his life on the bottom of the cage, with his bird buddies often pooping on him and he can only scoot along the sides of the cage using his beak to clutch the cage.


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Correction of Developmental Abnormalities of the Beak of Juvenile Psittacines

Rhamphorthotics, or correction of developmental abnormalities of the beak of juvenile psittacines has been well described by Clipsham and others. 1 2,3 Techniques are described for correction of “Scissors beak” or lateral deviation of the premaxilla or maxillary beak and for bradygnathism of the maxillary beak.
A simplified and more practical technique will be described here utilizing many of the same materials. A more invasive technique has also been described utilizing a pin placed through the frontal bone and rubber bands to pull the beak into alignment. 4


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