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How Do I Handle My Amazon’s Hormonal Behavior?

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My male Amazon parrot who I’ve had for 30 years goes out of his way to attack my wife but not myself even though I grab him with gloved hands when he misbehaves.

My wife provides him only kindness.

Can you tell me why he does this and how I can correct it?

Do you sell training clickers and training treats for him?

Also, he has a Prevue cage but the bottom tray is rusting out and I need to replace it.

The rest of the cage is fine. Do you know where I can purchase a bottom tray?

Hi Andrew

That’s typical jealousy behavior for an amazon.

Light therapy can be effective for negative hormonal behavior.

Gloved hands can stress birds.

The bird of time: cognition and the avian biological clock

Try using a perch or broom which is more natural for the bird the “friendly stick”.

Use this video as a guide for clicker training


Clicker Training for Birds Includes Target Training Sticks

Clicker Training for Birds Includes Target Training Sticks


Call Prevue for the grate
They are reopening next Monday

Prevue Pet Products
224 N Maplewood Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60612
(312) 243-3624




For the record


Andrew Hollingworth states:


I don’t really want to ask things.


I just wanted to say how adorable my budgies are!


If anyone out there needs answers I may have them.


Budgies are social, so I recommend having more than one in the cage.


That’s all!

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