How Do I Handle the Loss of a Budgie From a Bonded Pair?

How Do I Handle the Loss of a Budgie From a Bonded Pair?

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Marylinda reported,

After probably 6 – 7 years together, Winter, the male of the pair of parakeets we adopted was found dead in the bottom of the cage on July Fourth.  He had looked like he was getting ready to molt. 

That leaves Spring, the female alone in a large cage.

They used to chat together most of the day.  At first, she called and kept looking at his last resting place.  Now she just sits quietly.  

Are we helpful if we whistle and call to her like we used to do or just disappoint her?  Should we seek to rehome her to someone who had other parakeets or keep her as a single?

She is in a large flight cage.  Not finger trained as our dog would make short work of her outside the cage.

Thank you for all the advice and the good products over the years.

Catherine Tobsing wrote:

Dear Marylinda

We are very sorry for the loss of your budgie boy. Spring is likely mourning, scared and lonely right now. 

She doesn’t know if he is coming back, or if she will vanish too. She is quiet so as to not attract the wrong kind of attention.

Budgies are flock birds and she will not be happy alone and could perish due to sadness, not eat. It is not uncommon for the second bird in a pair to pass not long after the first is gone.

If you don’t want another bird then either find a new home for her with other budgies or get her a little mirror for companionship.

Please put some music on for her or talk radio, and talk to her through the cage bars for now.

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