How Do I Keep My Bird Cage Warm In The Winter?
How Do I Keep My Bird Cage Warm In The Winter?

How Do I Keep My Bird Cage Warm In The Winter?

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Karen P. asks,

I have a 28-year-old blue and gold macaw.

We have had her for 18 years.

She has been bare-chested most of her life.

Her big perch is in the family room, which is quite large with a cathedral ceiling.

It is hard to keep her warm.

I have used an older space heater.

When I purchased it I contacted the manufacturer (Lasko) to make sure it had no coatings on it.

It has gone kaput, and I need to get something else.

After reading numerous sites, I would not buy one of these again.

I understand that oil-filled heaters are the safest around birds.

Is there anything else you could recommend?

I looked on your website and saw you have a heat lamp bulb that doesn’t put out the light.

I would like that option but not sure how I could place it above her perch as it is quite tall.

Hi Karen

Check Out Our Selection Of Bird Cage Warmers

The Heat Lamp bulbs do work but are not as safe as the oil-filled radiators or the heated perches and panels. Using a heat bulb requires using a lamp with a ceramic base and they do get pretty hot. Best for larger aviaries or outdoor ones.

The heated perches and panels offer constant warmth at a low temperature without fear of overheating the bird.

We use several oil-filled heaters ourselves – they are efficient and we always cover the heater with the nighttime cover providing a “circle of warmth”.

It’s best to place the units on one end of the birdcage so the bird has a choice to move away from the heat source.

Oil filled heater next to budgie aviary

Remember if you are comfortable, your bird is comfortable, if you are cold so is your bird. 

We keep thermometers next to (opposite the heater) birdcage for easy temperature monitoring.



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  1. I have used the Thermo perches for years to offer heat to my birds. They work well and last forever. All my birds loved them, from Budgies to African Grey.

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