What Size Cage Would You Recommend for a Goffin Cockatoo?
goffin's cockatoo Bird standing on the Ram stairs

What Size Cage Would You Recommend for a Goffin Cockatoo?

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Joan asks:

Hello. What size cage would you recommend for a Goffin Cockatoo?

Dear Joan

A Goffin can enjoy a small cage 22″ wide up to a huge cage 40″ wide or larger.

It all depends on its lifestyle.

If the bird comes out of its cage in the morning and plays on top or on a stand, etc.

Then a small cage is just fine.

If the bird has to stay inside the cage for most of the time and is only able to come out an hour or two or so a day, then a larger cage is warranted.

If the bird can’t come out, bites, etc, then the largest cage you can fit in your home is best to give your bird the space it needs for exercise and long healthy life.

Find some appropro\iate cages for a Goffin cockatoo here.

Please let me know your needs and I will suggest a few cages for you.

Joan replied.

Fascinating article about the plucking Goffin, and once again I am awed by your broad knowledge of birds and your patience in answering so completely. 

One other idea occurs to me, and while I don’t know a fraction of what you do about birds, I’d like to offer it.

Maybe the twice-a-week showers aren’t enough? I mist my parrot daily with a spray that contains a little aloe, and she loves it.

She preens a lot but has never plucked a feather.

I’ve had her for 15 years, and her feathers are just as healthy and beautiful as when she was a wee chick.

Just a thought.

Thanks for your newsletters!



Hi Paula,

Yes, cockatoos are considered “powder birds” falling into the same category as budgies and greys. The powder comes from specific feather patches on the bird.

The powder down is used to waterproof and clean.

If your “Too” enjoys a shower or gentle misting from a spray bottle, it wouldn’t hurt.

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  1. Hi Mitch, Not a comment but a question about my Goffin’s….. My boy has lived in a huge macaw cage for the past 20+ years and I’m considering scaling down for easier maintenance and plans to move in the next year. How stressful do you think the adjustment would be for my 34 year old “baby boy”? Any suggestions or advice?
    Thank you so much for all your great info!

    1. Thank yoou for the kind words – Don’t overthink it grasshopper, the bird will survive its transition. If you want to “soften the blow,” erect the new cage and fill it with lots of fun stuff and assuming you have the space let the new cage sit next to the oldone for a few days – then just make the switch.

      This video will be reassuring We had the sennie less than a week https://windycityparrot.smugmug.com/BaP/i-NdSRWrp/A



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