How Do I Know if a Bird Toy is Safe?

How Do I Know if a Bird Toy is Safe?

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Our Quaker built this and its perfectly fine (above) – all bird behavior must be monitored

Hi Cat & Mitch:

E here. I just had a tragic situation happen in my cage and I wanted to alert you two about this. I had a toy like what I found on your site.


Prevue Pet Bird Toy 62463 Krusty

A ball of yarn or such.

I had two birds that were really getting off on sitting on top of this and I was thinking of setting these two up to mate.

Everything was fine when I went out last night.

This morning, when I checked on the birds, with some morning veggies, I found my favorite bird, the male in this pair, hanging in the middle of the cage.

How he managed to end up on the bottom of this ball with a strand tightly around his neck, I’ll never know.

But you can be damn sure it is in the garbage.

That thing has been a part of the toys for over 20 years. Never a problem.

It was really hard to reach in and try to unknot that bit or rope or yarn or whatever, and the other birds all gathered around as I’ve never seen. Like mourning.

Especially his girlfriend.

She never really approaches me.

This time she was right there, watching.

Over fifty years of having parakeets, this was the only time I ever saw the birds react like that.

Usually, when a bird gets old and dies, it is found at the bottom of the cage and that is it.

Move on. But this time, was different. Even for me. He was my favorite and the leader of the flock. extremely healthy and active.

Really sad.

Anyway, a warning on those types of toys with yarn or rope, is that they can get entangled.

They would fly to it rather than climb up to the top.

Or sit on a branch under it and pick at it.

So how a strand got around his neck is beyond me.

I can only think that his nails somehow got entangled and as he struggled he ended up getting his neck entangled.

The way it was, even if I heard a commotion I might not have been able to save him.

Maybe an okay toy with short strands, like an inch or so.

Two inches was about all it took.

So, a warning. Hope all is well with you two and you had a great summer.


Dear E

I am very sorry to hear of this sad tragedy in your flock. We can either put our birds in a bell jar with nothing or risk it to allow them to have some fun in their lives regardless of the possibility of danger.

It is up to us as captive birdkeepers to inspect and maintain their toys and other cage furnishings to watch for longer than usual threads, broken toys, or things that could capture a bird and harm it.

There is a well-known story that travels the internet from time to time resurfacing as nothing ever leaves the internet truly.

A fleece hut was in a bird’s cage and at some point, the owner found that their bird had passed due to it getting caught and hung in the ripped-up threads of the hut.
Well, that hut did not get ripped up in a day, a week, or a month. It had been in the bird’s cage for perhaps years.

The resulting wear became dangerous to the bird and was killed. It was not the fault of the hut, it was the fault of the owner who did not maintain the bird’s furnishings.

Does this mean the huts are dangerous? Of course not. But we get continued messages about the dangers of these huts.

We currently have had one bird with the same hut for 3 years now. But we inspect his hut and his other toys often.

I am not saying that this sad event was a result of neglect, but now would be the time to take a look at anything else in your bird’s cage that may need to be replaced, trimmed, or removed. 

You have our sympathies at the loss of the little bird.


Respectfully E. It’s not the toy, it’s the placement.

Toys should be hung along the perimeter of a bird cage for that reason so birds can get their feet onto cage bars or a perch if needed.

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  1. RE; TOY SAFETY……I had a similar experience with a rope-type toy. however, not as tragic. The rope pieces became wrapped around my 45-year-old Blue Front’s claw and leg…….and wound very tightly. I WAS able to cut the pieces off but it was not easy and he was totally traumatized. Another few hours like that and he may well have lost his whole foot! I am leary of rope toys now. (of course)

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