How Do I Rescue an African Ringneck Parrot?

How Do I Rescue an African Ringneck Parrot?

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Patti B writes:

I see you rescued an African ring-necked parrot, I love them, and I would also rescue one, so let me know if you find anymore rescues.


Unfortunately, I live in Bar Harbor, Maine…..but we will deal with that when the time comes.


Dear Patti

I recommend that you contact a bird rescue in your side of the country.

Try to locate a bird club in your area, they likely would know a rescue as well.


Please keep an open mind on the types of birds available for rescue.


We currently have 7 parakeets, one African Ringneck, a Quaker, and a cockatiel.


All rescues.


Why I Drove 800 Miles To Rescue An African Ringneck


We did not seek any of them out individually.


Now that we have them we love them all.


You will find your rescue.


We wish you the best.


Patti B. replied:


I live in the middle of nowhere in a very sparsely settled state.


I will check. but still.


Yes, I do have an open mind. Love birds. I have had a yellow nape for 12 years.


I have tried to adopt foster birds in other states that are overrun, the rescue places can be very weird to deal with, home visits, etc…then they never do it.


They don’t follow through.


Sad sad sad state of affairs


Dear Patti

Yes, I understand about the parrot rescue rules that can be difficult.


Some more so than others.



But since so many of the birds came to them from homes where the owners were totally ignorant of their real care needs, they are trying not to put the birds through that again.


Private parties are often the easiest to consider for rehoming birds.


Try your local Craig’s list or any community-based bulletin boards.


Check even with your local dog pound/shelter, wild bird rehabber as they sometimes do get the rare parrot.


You sound like your heart is open for a new bird and I hope one finds you soon.


Kindest regards,


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