A Better Bird Video Series For Training Birds And Their Humans

Just as the name implies, this is a series of quick and easy ways to help your birds stay happy and healthy around the clock.

This is a series of short but incisive ideas you can apply today bringing you closer to bird care nirvana.

The number of things necessary to provide foraging enrichment for your birds can be found in a series of quick and simple ideas.


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I Have a Question About a Green Ringneck Male I Just Bought

Nauman asks

I am messaging about a Green (African) ringneck male I recently bought from a pet shop (who said he is 6 months old ) however he has a clear ring not on the full neck but it’s there.


Anyways the first day he didn’t eat anything, the second day he’s started to eat the mix of seeds.


He’s not hand tamed and not aggressive unless you try to grab him (which is not what I’m am trying to do)


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Is the Corona Virus Making Your Bird Hormonal?

Editors note: In the featured image above, Barney was obsessing with the other bird in the mirror as Catherine observed.

We have since blocked access to that part of the mirror and Barney has become far more social (less hormonal). Endnote

One of the reasons we are able to stay in business going up against the likes of Amazon and Chewy is that we answer the phone and can provide useful advice.

And although PetSmart and Petco will answer the phone on a national or store level, good luck with getting information about proper care for your white-capped Pionus.

There is been a definite uptick of calls and emails seeking advice for birds exhibiting bad hormonal behavior.


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How Did Another Rescue Bird Find Us?

We just rescued another bird and I drove 794 miles less than I did for the last one.

Of our bird-related calls, most are people seeking to acquire a “new bird”.

We will always refer them to the closest bird rescue in their area.

Yesterday (2/11/20) we got a call from a woman in Cedar Lake about 6 miles from our new place in Lowell.

(Talk about a bird rescue near me)


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Should We Anesthetize Birds for Exams and Blunt Their Beaks?

The following comment is in reference to a blog post entitled  “How To Stop An Indian Ringneck Parrot From Biting

Russ commented:

FIRST OFF, Blunt Keto’s beak at the vet.

My vet is Scott McDonald, who puts all birds under gas for examination & grooming (STRESS FREEEEE).

His clinics are several per month in his Clarendon Hills home.

The best of the best.

SECOND: as with my 15y.o. Pionus, teach Ketto the difference between GOOD & BAD (or NO GOOD), by saying REPEATEDLY OVER & OVER AGAIN & AGAIN “Good Boy!”

Every single time Keto does something good.


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A Better Bird Ep 15 Migrating Recent Ringneck Rescue To New Home Bird Cage – Video

[videopress WyYwEiTW]

I can’t count the number of times people inquire about the best way to migrate a bird from an older cage to a new birdcage.


The first thing I like to remind people is that the more you provide change for your bird the more your bird is likely to accept change.


A bird who has had the same bird cage, toys and accessories for 10 or 20 years is a phobic bird that you created.


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A Better Bird Ep 13 – How Bird Proof Is Your Home? Video

[videopress Sf6Og98t]

In about 24 months our household has gone from 0 to 9 birds.

Six budgies (2 males/4 females), a female Senegal (surgically sexed) and a male African ringneck (males have the ring).

I fondly call the budgies my little hooligans who have their own cage as does Peaches our 9 year old female Senegal and Keto the newest member to our family, the 17-year-old male African ringneck.


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