Why Does My Ringneck Keep Flying From My Shoulder to Her Cage?

Lydia G. has 2 issues with my Indian Ringneck


Hi, my Indian Ringneck keeps flying back to her cage all the time when I take her around on my shoulder.


She won’t venture further than a foot away from it.


She also has a box she likes to spend time in and on.


She has toys to play with and I give her branches to rip up.


I keep going and getting her every time and repeat it quite a few times and she always goes back.


She was doing this at her previous owners too.



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Should I Get a Quaker, Ringneck, or Conure?
Happy father and daughter choosing pretty bird for keeping in pet shop

Should I Get a Quaker, Ringneck, or Conure?

Kayla writes to ask:


I’m stuck between getting a conure or a quaker (ok maybe an Indian ringneck too), and could really use advice on what current owners think.


I’m hoping to find a best friend who wants to be involved, cuddly, silly, and maybe even say a few words eventually.


I mostly don’t want one who screams and screeches all day.


Is a quaker on the right track?



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In Response to “Do You Serve Your Pet Bird Chop?”

Sherry L. comments:

Yes, my birds are fed ‘chop’ (Arlo the grey, calls it ‘bobbity’) This is a new term for what I have done for 28+ years.

Chop is chopped veg, grains, and sometimes, a tiny bit of seed sprinkled on top or a bit of walnut, or something.

I used to cut the vegetables larger because Arlo was pretty accepting of lots of things, and I didn’t have a food processor.

I also (now) feed Arlo a pelleted diet, along with the chop.

She also gets a small amount of fruit, and sometimes about an inch square of chicken breast (baked) or some steamed scallop (yum).


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How Did Another Rescue Bird Find Us?

We just rescued another bird and I drove 794 miles less than I did for the last one.

Of our bird-related calls, most are people seeking to acquire a “new bird”.

We will always refer them to the closest bird rescue in their area.

Yesterday (2/11/20) we got a call from a woman in Cedar Lake about 6 miles from our new place in Lowell.

(Talk about a bird rescue near me)


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Why is It So Critical to Know Different Pet Bird Species?

Why is it so important to understand the differences between bird species?


I’m not ashamed to say we get more deliveries from Amazon (like most Americans) then we care to talk about.


This week a new Amazon driver “Patrick” handed off an envelope then said “I’ve never been here before – this place looks cool.”



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What Can I Use for Bird Safe Air Fresheners?

This is a follow up to last week’s post asking

Can I Use Oils And Candles Near My Pet Birds?


Weezie asked “so what can I use for bird safe air fresheners”?

Hi Weezie

There is no end to the combinations of fruits, extracts, spices, and herbs you can use to make your house smell like a slice of heaven without interfering with your bird’s respiratory system.

Individual tastes and experimentation will help you arrive at the perfect one.


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