How Do I Stop My Yellow-headed Amazon From Plucking?

How Do I Stop My Yellow-headed Amazon From Plucking?

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Yellow-headed Amazon (aka the Yellow-headed Parrot and the Double Yellow-headed Amazon)

Lupe asks

My yellow-headed Amazon (Chelsie) has been seeing a vet for feather plucking since Feb.

We have done several things to correct the problem.

She used to eat a very healthy balanced diet but slowly she has stopped and only wants to eat seeds.

How can I stop this?

So Lupe

Your bird can only eat what you offer.

Your bird eats what you feed it.

You are deciding on the food, not Chelsie.

I recommend having separate dishes for seed mixes, pellets, veggies and of course always water.

In the morning all dishes should be provided with a little of everything.

Later in the day remove the veggies so they don’t spoil.

Before nightfall, remove the seed dish too.

Leaving only the water and pellet dishes overnight.

If your bird is hungry they are there, if not, she has to wait for the morning.

This can contribute to a better diet.

Regarding the plucking, has anything changed in your bird’s life to contribute to stress?

Changes in the room decor, family, pets, hawks outside a window can all contribute.

Do you have several toys in the cage for preening and destroying?

Hard toys are less satisfying so offer softer toys.

How is your bird’s cage lighting?

If in a dim location, hormones can kick in and cause picking.

Birds And Full Spectrum Lighting. We Got It Wrong.

Consider a quality light close to your bird’s cage top, set on a timer 12 hours on and 12 hours off year-round to simulate sunny days.

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