I Want to Own a Pet. Should I Buy Parrots?

With all due respect, the question answers itself. There are a 350 species of parrots and about 372 species of parakeets As opposed to there only being one species of dog.


Further, the individual who acquires a single parrot can be considered a pet owner or companion, our term is “pet bird keeper” Once a second parrot is introduced the aforementioned individual becomes a zookeeper.


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Hello, I Am Looking for Help in Training My Parrots
Two beautiful gray parrots on the branches

Hello, I Am Looking for Help in Training My Parrots

Sarah A. relates,


Hello, I am looking for help in training my parrots.


I have two African grey parrots.


They are 21 and we have had them their whole lives.


My mom used to handle them, however, she began to have severe allergies from their dust. 



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What’s Up With the Disconnect Between Avian Vets & Birds?
Veterinarian examining Alexandrine parakeet in clinic, closeup

What’s Up With the Disconnect Between Avian Vets & Birds?


I have a question and thought perhaps you might know the answer. I am also a strong proponent of flighted birds. I was wondering if there is any scientific data on whether flighted birds are less likely to pluck?
It would seem to me that being able to fly produces a more confident, content bird, so it stands to reason that it would reduce feather plucking.


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How Do I Care For My 2 Eclectus Parrot Pluckers?

Hi Randall

I’m looking at the pictures you sent, thank you.

Obviously, the birds have feather self-destruction issues.

Typically these need to be addressed holistically.

Before we get granular on the issue let’s do some housekeeping and talk about this particular species.

 About 20% of parrots are sexually dimorphic meaning you can determine the sex of the bird by its color or markings.

Eclectus parrots are either red and blue (female) or green (male). 

Male ringnecks have the ring,  females have none.



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Did a 6 Week Absence Cause My Budgie’s Negative Behavior?

Hi Mitch,

My name is Barbara T, and you and I just spoke re my parakeet, Ricky, who has been treated by an Avian specialist, Gloria Goodman, VMD (website: avianexoticvetpa.com), for mites since July 2nd, 2020.  

As I told you, I had surgery and my sister took care of the bird from May 12th through June 28th. 

I noticed immediately that his face looked like it had rot on it and he seemed “antsy”—pecking on his feathers and rubbing his head, especially around the eye area, on the cage. 

I called the vet and she saw him on July 2nd. 


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Should I Be Worried About the Bald Spot on My Older Conure?

Barbara G. has a concern

Tootsie is a forty-two-year-old green-cheek conure who has lived with me for forty-one years.

The top of her head is completely bald, with front red feathers remaining.

She sleeps a lot but is otherwise active.

She enjoys her regular food along with a handout from her person.

She does not pluck her feathers, loves annoying me, and is a first-class cuddler.

Could this be age-related?


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How Hard is Molting For an African Grey?

Scott S. asks:


Hi – I actually have a birdie question.


We have a 2-year-old male Gray Cockatiel who has the worst case of “owie” feathers under his wings.


We can lift his wings and see a number of pin feathers that are causing some distress.


Question: what if anything can we do to help him out?



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