How Do I Treat My Female Parakeet’s Feather Cyst?

How Do I Treat My Female Parakeet’s Feather Cyst?

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Hello, love your website have a parakeet female about 5 years old with a cyst on the left wing.


Our avian vet was not too helpful only said it could be a feather cyst after I suggested it.


She does not seem uncomfortable but the cyst is getting bigger mostly pink with whatever color of feather appears any suggestions?


Hi Nancy

I’m not sure why your vet thinks it’s nothing – it will only grow larger. He or she is better equipped to remove it but you can take matters into your own hands.


Not for the faint of heart but this is how you can treat the feather cyst.



I advocate wearing gloves, keeping things clean with hydrogen peroxide, and dressing the wound with bird-safe Vetericyn Plus® Antimicrobial All Animal Wound and Skin Care.


Best of luck



Thank you for your advice about our parakeet with
the feather cyst . (Added 7/18/2012)

Found a different

Vet she drained it and  gave an injection of antibiotics

Cyst is still there but our bird seems comfortable and happy maybe

Not Flying
As much will keep her  – As long – As we can

Glad to hear it, Nancy

Did the vet talk to you about keeping it drained or will you let the vet do it?

It can fill with fluid for a while

Flying will probably irritate the cyst.

I’m glad you made progress and no doubt your bird is happier with less pain.

I’m treating one of my own (cysts) and found they can be resilient without daily cleaning, then spraying with the Vetricyn.

Best of luck



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