I Bought the Wrong Size Perch Swing for My Quaker Now What?

I Bought the Wrong Size Perch Swing for My Quaker Now What?

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Sophie writes, 

I bought the wrong size swing.

I think this is more suited to large parrots.

Is it ok to put it in the cage for size variety?

Or should I send it back for a smaller one?



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Catherine Tobsing  replied:


It will be fine.


Larger is fine.


Used during the day and not for sleeping it will benefit by filing nails.


But if he uses it at night for sleeping, then it has to come out.


Sophie continues:


This is where he sleeps atm.


It’s a cardboard tube.

He loves it and takes himself off to bed around 7 pm each night.


Do you think it needs anything on its floor?


Catherine responded:


Sophie that is a nice bed, but it has to be slippery for him and not so great for his feet. I would insert something. Pieces of flat fleece are safe and cozy.


Claws can dig in but not get hung up.


One or more layers can go in and you can pull them out when soiled and throw them in the wash.


Sophie said “thank you ♥️


and then


Voila 💙



Catherine Tobsing commented


Sophie, looks great.


Did he like the new bedding?


Sophie said: loved it!


Thank you for the advice. ♥️


Glad to help





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