The 72-Hour Light Treatment for Egg Laying Didn’t Work, Now What?
The 72-Hour Light Treatment for Egg Laying Didn't Work, Now What?

The 72-Hour Light Treatment for Egg Laying Didn’t Work, Now What?

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I tried the 72-hour light treatment with my female Great Billed Parrot and the first night after it was done she laid another egg – please advise!

This is her 3rd clutch of eggs (5th total egg) in four months and I’m worried about her health.

I attempted the light therapy recommended on this website as a last attempt before injections as she gets very stressed at the vet.

The first 48 hours went as planned – she was coming out from the bottom of the cage and even sleeping on her perches again.

I Want My Freakin Bird Back but She’s Held Hostage by Her Eggs

The third night with the light on she resorted back to the bottom of the cage and stayed there most of the night and the following day.

When I turned off the light after 72 hours, she immediately went to the bottom of the cage, and when I woke up the next morning I found an egg on the bottom of the cage. 

Should I leave the egg in the cage or remove it?

All previous times I left the egg as advised by the vet but that did nothing to deter her.

She laid on the last clutch for 5 weeks and did not lose interest – she only stopped when I removed the eggs.

I have the light on a timer for 12 hours on/off as recommended, but wondering if I should repeat the light therapy for longer or try anything else? 

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Dear Falyn

If there are eggs already in the system, even with a light treatment, the eggs will still need to complete their journey out of the body.

Yes, remove it right away. The deed is done, no need to continue to let her try to hatch it. It serves no useful purpose.

Repeat the light treatment. 3 days or even 7 can be done in difficult cases, however, let’s rule out what might be making this not work.

How large is the cage vs. the bright bulb for the light treatment?

  • If you are using a single bulb on a huge cage, it will not be effective.
  • Best to put the bird into a smaller cage 18″ x 18″, 20″ x 20″ 22″ or so for the treatment.
  • Once completed, then go back to the regular cage WITH new overhead lighting that will brighten it up 12 hours on and 12 hours off.
  • Do you have a male parrot around that is getting your female worked up? If so, your female will resume hormonal tendencies that the lighting may not be enough for.
  • Are you petting your bird below the neck?
  • Holding her close to you for snuggles? If so, stop that and pet from the neck up only. 
  • Are there dark areas in her birdcage?
  • A sleeping hut?
  • Any nesting material building up?
  • If you have a play top, remove the tray above completely. Save as a replacement for the lower tray.
  • No dark or dim areas?
  • Any loose ball toys? Hanging toys that she lets lay on her back? Remove them or move to a new place.
  • Food. Are you offering full bowls of food 24 hours a day? Cut back to a half bowl. Replenish as needed.

Let me know if you require further assistance.


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