If Albino Birds Are Mutations Why Do They Have Shorter Lifespans?

If Albino Birds Are Mutations Why Do They Have Shorter Lifespans?

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Bruce S. relates:


Hi, recently Mom’s albino parakeet I’ve been taking care of crossed the rainbow bridge.


Mom passed in November (2020), and the bird had been with me for several years.


Believe he made it to almost 7 years old, and I’m waiting for info from the pet store on the exact age.


Just curious about your knowledge of albino parakeets, he was a sweet and cool bird.




Dear Bruce

We are sorry to hear of your loss. We had an albino cockatiel and she passed sooner than she should have as well.


Albino birds are mutations and as such, they may not have all of the rich genes that a normal bird in that species usually has.


A normal parakeet is green and yellow.


A normal parakeet can live upwards of 25 years under the right circumstances.


An Albino keets life can be much shorter.


That you had 7 years with such a beautiful white mutation, will forever be a lovely memory.


You have our sympathies.





Thanks!! I never knew keets lived that long I thought different. Ill shoot for a yellow one next time, I have a cockatiel also.


Dear Bruce


Although a normal green and yellow parakeet has the capabilities to live upwards of 25 years, sadly most do not.


Many things can contribute to a shorter life like malnutrition, predators, or accidents however the biggest cause of shorter life spans in parakeets is inbreeding.


Since no new birds have been imported from Australia in decades, there is also no chance of getting any fresh blood, new genes going.


So the parakeets that are in the states may all pretty much be related.


And birds that are bred to family members over time begin to show defects due to the inbreeding.



Over time, they will not live as long.


In general, we are finding that parakeets in our homes are living only between 5 and 12 years. So don’t take it so hard that your white keet only lived 7 years.


I hope this information helps.




Bruce replied


Thanks, you confirmed what I’ve heard about lifespan, just hadn’t heard of the inbreeding reason. Take care.


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