Is a Prevue 3181 the Right Size Playstand for My Parakeet?
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Is a Prevue 3181 the Right Size Playstand for My Parakeet?

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Lisa H. wants to know,

Did I buy the right size play stand for my parakeet?

Hello. I probably should have asked you this Before I bought the play stand, but I was excited to receive it.

So now, before I open it, I would love to hear your opinion if I did right.

The size Small, Prevue Pet Products for parrots is the name of the stand I purchased.

Since parakeets are considered to be the smallest member of the parrot family, I assumed this stand was meant for them along with the other smaller birds.

I took a pic of the stand but I don’t see anywhere to download it. Should this stand work for my parakeets?


Thank you. Lisa 

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Prevue 3181 parrot play stand

Dear Lisa


The Prevue 3181 is a very nice small parrot stand. Sized for parakeets up to conures, caiques, and quakers. Even small (Timneh) greys and smaller macaws like the Hahns macaw that is the size of a sunconure) can enjoy this bird playstand as it is well made.


It may appear large and daunting to your parakeet until it is personalized by adding toys, rope, leather, food, etc.



If your bird is not clipped, it may flee upon the first introduction.


So you may want to assemble it next to the bird’s cage while they watch.


Give the bird little bits of cardboard from the box. Basically include the bird in the project. Even tie a piece of spray millet to the perch to entice.


Give it a chance. make it fun.




Mitch Rezman

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