Is It Wrong My Bird Stays at the Bottom of the Cage Nightly?

Is It Wrong My Bird Stays at the Bottom of the Cage Nightly?

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Lisa N. wrote:

Happy New Year  Catherine, This is Lisa N. 

I have a quick question our boy conure Kiwi has been staying at the bottom of the cage at night he just won’t go up to one of his higher perches like he used to.

Nothing has changed he eats well he’s happy so I don’t know why he started this in the last 5 days is it OK to let him do it?

Oh, and I liked Mitch’s advice on humidifiers. Thanks. 

Dear Lisa

That is not normal behavior as you have noticed. You may wish to take him to your avian vet.

I thought so I will call the vet.

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Thank you

When I looked it up on Google a lot of people say it’s normal unless they aren’t eating or hurt so that’s why I asked you thank you again. 

Dear Lisa

He still could have an injury that is making it hard for him to climb. Birds hide their illnesses often until it is too late for us to help them.

When we had a sweet cockatiel named Popcorn we noticed that she was holding her wings out in an odd way while she was foraging on the floor below her cage for bits.

She was very sick but still eating.

We hope for the best for your little Kiwi.


Feathered Factoid: All conures are parakeets but not all parakeets are conures.

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