Is Vet Wrap Effective at Protecting My Senior Birds Feet?

Is Vet Wrap Effective at Protecting My Senior Birds Feet?

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Lisa K. wrote:

My blue crown conure is now 24 and a senior bird.

I can’t remember if you have written specifically about senior birds but I would like to read more about their care.

My vet has just put Louie on an anti-inflammatory drug (Meloxicam) and also Milk Thistle Seed drops for her liver (she was concerned about the possibility of fatty liver disease).

She seems to be doing a bit better (she has always been overweight and I am working on her diet).

I have loved her so much since my 23-year-old daughter passed away and she was her parrot.

My question is: my vet said to wrap her perches (except the rope perches) with colored self-adhesive vet tape to help soften the impact on her feet but I am concerned that it is not a good thing to do since she might shred and/or eat it.

What do you think?

Thank you,

Dear Lisa

The Vet Wrap seems to be easily ignored by the birds.

We have it on a perch in our cockatiel’s cage and he doesn’t bother with it at all.

It is very useful to wrap on the rope perches where the birds have decided to pick at the fibers.

Once covered with the vet wrap, the birds can’t keep pulling at the loose rope fibers.

The Vet Wrap has no adhesive yet it sticks to itself nicely.

It is good to wrap around perches in layers, Say, use 6″-8″ pieces, wrap around, then as they get dirty, peel off a layer.

Very nice,

Don’t be afraid,



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