Mango Pet Bird Cages

Mango Pet Bird Cages

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It’s hard when you have to abandon an expensive bird cage like a cage from the California Bird cage company because you’re moving. If you’re seeking a superior bird cage, the Mango bird cages are of superior quality because they’re hand made in Rhode Island. 

 It’s a small operation, we know Eric the owner who’s an engineer by trade (ergo the disinfectants from Mango). I’m a rare cage retailer whose actually worked in a powdercoat facility and I know what happens when you’re running hundreds of pieces an hour through the oven vs just a few components. The care they take in manufacturing the bird cages is apparent upon inspection but as you saw they carry a “hand made” price tag.
We also like the the way the front of the cage opens and very large doors. Yes it’s a throw back to the California Bird Cage Company of years past. It (the California Bird Cage Company) was a shadow of it’s old self in the waning years of business. I’m certain you’re not happy about abandoning your cage, but much like a mattress and box springs, transport is expensive

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