Replacement Bird Cage for Umbrella Cockatoo

Replacement Bird Cage for Umbrella Cockatoo

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Good morning!  Our current cage is a smaller, 12-year-old or more Prevue cage.

Amos is a great escape artist, and has 5 padlocks including one for the bottom grate that he can push open.

He has a penchant for working very hard to remove his seed cups and flinging them. Our current cage has an extra metal lip over the top edge of the cup, (the holder is part of, and in the cage, not on the door itself). 

This slows him down, but he uses his beak like a beer bottle opener and works all the way around trying to pop them out. (Sometimes succeeding).
Also, a few years back you helped me get replacement cups (plastic), for the crock ones that he cracked and broke doing this.

He did have cups on the playtop but they just sat in the rings. First time up there, in just moments the water and seed cups went flying!

He has also broken the welds on a bunch of the bars, and pulls them out, and tosses them too (he loves to use a piece of wood as a wedge). Needless to say, he is a problem child with special needs. lol.

From your pictures, I can see the locks are much better, but I can’t tell how the cups are held in. Do they just set in? If so, do you think he will be able to pull them out?
Is there some type of lock I can get so he can’t pull them out?

This is my biggest concern.
Also, do you think the cage is built solid enough? You’ve seen it and I’ll rely on your judgment.

I did see it was out of stock right now, so how long do you think it will be to get one? I’m just looking for a ballpark figure.

I have been trying to convince my husband for over 10 years to get a larger cage and now he is willing, but he could change his mind at ANY moment.

Really. He has done that in the past.

That’s why I sent this as a high priority.

Time is of the essence. I need to get this order placed asap! Then there’s no going back 🙂

Hopefully, you will see this soon this weekend.

Thank you very much for your time, Linda 

Hi Linda 

Thanks for the email. 

There are no totally escape-proof birdcages, that said here is our large parrot birdcage lineup 

Don’t know if you’ve seen this video – thought you’d appreciate it – “The Great Escape!” 

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