Frozen mixed vegetables

Money Saving Healthy Bird Food Tip

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Healthy money saving hint: Buy a bag of frozen mixed veggies
(we add a bag of corn to ours per Peaches taste)
In the morning place a handful in a ceramic dish, thaw briefly with warm running water (a microwave may make it to hot and partially frozen in the morning means it’ll stay fresher through out the day).
Serve on the bottom of the bird cage as an inexpensive but healthy addition to his or her regular seed and or pellet diet.
Remember, peanuts and sunflowers are what french-fries are to us, delicious but fatty. Thus as we teach children to eat healthy, we must teach our birds.
Birds in the wild are scavengers.
Our Senegal Parrot Peaches eats anything we eat (Chocolate, caffeine and avocados are unhealthy for birds). He doesn’t care if he’s had it before and didn’t like it. If we’re eating it, he chirp-wants-chirp-some-chirp.

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