My Budgie is in Bird Mourning Should I Get a Same-sex Mate?

My Budgie is in Bird Mourning Should I Get a Same-sex Mate?

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Leslie relates,

Hello, about 4 years ago I adopted 2 adorable young budgies from a favorite animal rescue in my city.

They were on a healthy diet and well cared for.

Three weeks ago Matteo passed away due to a respiratory obstruction he may have been born with.

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As a result, his buddy Omar is now in bird mourning.

I’d like to adopt a new friend for him, perhaps this time a female, but I’m not prepared for baby birds if they were to mate.

This particular animal rescue encourages only same-sex bird partners for this reason.

Do you think they would mate in a 24-inch cage, or would it be better to just bring home another male?

Also, would my now 4-year-old budgie have the patience for a new, much younger budgie sharing his cage?

Thank you for your advice!

Hi Leslie,

We’ve been through the budgie breeding thing, trust me you’re much better off with same-sex budgies. 

This blog post will help you through the decision

A list of considerations before getting a second budgie



How Do I Hand Raise Baby Birds?

Dear Leslie

Sorry for Omar‘s loss.

Yes, they do mourn for their caged companions.  If you would rather not have another parakeet, you may be fine with a small mirror to keep Omar company.

Otherwise, I do recommend another male. A female is just going to get Omar worked up.

He might follow her around and pester her more than appreciated. 

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And yes, a younger parakeet might be annoying to Omar. If you can locate an older male it would be the best of both worlds.

Best of luck


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