I’m Frustrated With Featherbrite-how Do I Fix My Lighting?

I’m Frustrated With Featherbrite-how Do I Fix My Lighting?

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Cynthia expresses her frustration with the FeatherBrite birdcage lighting system:

I have the swag lights that require two bulbs.

I bought the 16 watts LED bulb and the UV blue bulb in September, and now they’re burned out.

I don’t even see the same bulbs as a set for sale on your site.

I have a Pagoda-style light that requires one bulb but those apparently aren’t sold for that style anymore.

I can’t keep buying lighting fixtures. Help!


Dear Cynthia


I understand ~ that Featherbrite’s design changes have been difficult for earlier users.


I looked and don’t see that you purchased the Featherbrite system from us.


But if you ordered it or the replacement bulbs less than a year ago, you should have them covered under warranty with proof of purchase.


215-497-8876 Featherbrite.


Give them a call and they may be able to help.


Now for the lamp with only one socket, you can possibly get the adapter from Featherbrite.


OR, you can just use one of our Economy Daylight bulbs in the socket and move forward.


 Full Spectrum Economy Daylight Bulb 100 Watt (uses 23W)



You can also use the same bulbs in the new lamp alone, leaving the one small socket open.


These bulbs should be fine and allow you to continue to use your lamps without ordering the special bulbs.


I hope this helps.




Cynthia F. replied:

Thank you – I will just order bulbs from you from now on – one of your Daylight bulbs will work in the fixtures with two sockets?


A Windy City Parrot Custom Birdcage Lighting Arrangement ~ Video

Dear Cynthia


Yes, one bulb will work fine in the standard light socket in the Featherbrite lamps.


We love the Featherbrite lamp company and have them for some of our birds as well.


They originally provided the lamps and a full spectrum bulb.


Then over time, the bulbs had to be updated due to new regulations.


They were unable to have all of the full spectrum qualities they wanted in one bulb so they devised the two bulb set up so the lamps would provide that same output they used to have with one bulb.


How Pet Bird Keepers Get The Lighting Thing Wrong


Then we learned more about lighting than Featherbrite ever did and now understand that what we all originally thought the bulbs were being used for was incorrect.


For many years it was thought that a Full Spectrum bulb in a bird’s cage would help them produce Vit D3.


It turns out that is not true. This thought was a result of reptiles that get a Full Spectrum bulb placed within inches of their naked, bare-skinned bodies where they lay there for hours on end, soaking it all in.


Well, that is not what our birds do. They don’t lay naked below the lights for hours on end.


They have lots of feathers and move around a lot.


Calling All Avian Veterinarians and Ph.D.’s – What’s the Real Deal With Vitamin D Birds and Light?


Even if they stay under them a long time, there is no proof they get any vitamin producing results at all.


If your bird is vitamin deficient, then you need to give the bird vitamins via supplements in their food or water.


Note: Even reptile owners usually now know the light isn’t enough and dust their crickets with vitamin powders before feeding to their reptiles.


The lights, what they DO for the birds is help regulate their hormones which is a HUGE thing.


Parrots are from tropical zones around the equator where they get the most intense UV light and for the longest time per day.


The lights simulate the bright Australian summer sun for the birds. The light affects the pineal gland in their brain which controls the circadian rhythm which tells birds when to molt, mate, breed, etc.


In our homes, we cannot replicate the outside sun with our indoor lamps.


So the cage lights have huge benefits, just different ones than we expected.


By having the light on the cage or as close as possible to it, with the bright bulb, a Daylight bulb is fine, on a timer set 12 hours on and 12 hours off every day, all year round.


We can help keep our birds from suffering from unruly hormones.


Full Spectrum Economy Daylight Bulb with Clamp Light & Timer















Full Spectrum Economy Daylight Bulb with Clamp Light & Timer


Hormone issues can range from egg-laying, broody behavior (building nests, cage protectiveness), and even aggressive behavior in males. It also can relieve plucking and other self-destructive behaviors.


If you haven’t, please read more in our many blog posts on Lighting.


Please take a look, and drop me a line if you have any questions.




Cynthia Fillmore replied

Thank you for the explanation. I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know all of this!!


Dear Cynthia


Not a problem. This should make your life easier. And with birds, every little bit helps. LOL.



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