My White Capped Pionus likes Pomegranate

My White Capped Pionus likes Pomegranate

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Margarita V. inquires about, Pomegranate Fresh Fruit


My White Capped Pionus likes Pomegranate, he eats the seed of each little red piece of the fruit. He bypasses the red stuff and goes for the seed buried in that part of the fruit. Do you know if it is harmful to parrots? I do not give him that on a regular basis.


He does the same thing with green beans, opens the bean and goes for the seed inside, shells it, and eats the seed. A waste of a whole green bean but it is what it is.



Dear Margarita

Your Pionus is enjoying the most nutritious part of the pomegranate. The red pulp is sweet but has a lot of sugar. Good for energy, but the seed is where the most valuable parts are.


I recall one bird we had that LOVED pomegranate seeds and before we gave them to him I would line the bottom and all 4 insides of the cage with newspaper before placing a little dish of them in the center and letting him at them.


If not, the walls and floor would soon be covered in red smears and splashes that turned into blue spots on the white walls. The little yellow bird also was well covered in the spots, but he was pretty good about cleaning himself up afterward.


The green beans are the same way, the bean seed is the best part. The rest is just a holder for it.


Keep it up.


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